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Property Management


Property Management in San Antonio Texas

The MoveUp San Antonio Group offers diverse and broad property management services. We handle a wide range of property management operations including property rental administration and maintenance. Once you hire us to manage your property, we market your rentals, find renters, and ensure that you get competitive rental rates. We also make sure that you get rates that cover overhead costs and taxes. We can even collect rent and ensure that you comply with all rental laws.

Essentially, the property management services that we offer depend on the property type and terms of our management contract. But, we make sure that you get maximum returns from your investment and make sure that your business runs smoothly. We also make sure that your property is always in good shape.

Our Property Management Services

Some of the major functions that we perform once you hire us to manage your property can be summarized as follows:

  • Lease administration
  • Annual property budget preparation
  • Service charge and rent collection
  • Preparation of quarterly and monthly management reports
  • Performance measurement and supervision of the service providers
  • Health, occupational, and ergonometric safety to boost productivity and sustainability
  • Dispute resolution and management of tenant issues

We provide these services with close collaboration with our clients.

Broad Property
Management Portfolio

Our portfolio covers a wide range of properties. We offer commercial property management services. This includes office spaces, retail outlets, and shopping malls. We also offer residential property management, industrial property management, and common area management services.

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